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After a busy start to the summer, we decided that we would take a trip to France. Loads of research later, we chose to travel through the Eurotunnel as we could stay with Lucy in the car. The 35 minute crossing was also a huge bonus.

As a puppy, Lucy Annabelle could barely get to the end of the road without being car sick the sick, but as she got older, she started to get better. We had planned load of stops en route, including an overnight stay close to Dover before making the crossing using the Eurotunnel. 


The day came to make the crossing. After checking in, it was time to visit the Dog Play Area where Lucy quickly made some new friends. I must admit that I was really nervous about using the tunnel and just didn't know what to expect. Once we'd gone through passport control and security we simply drove into the train; it really was as simple as that. Within seconds, both Lucy and my husband were fast asleep! The crossing itself seemed to take no time at all, and we emerged out into a grey, drizzly day, much more in keeping with our usual Manchester weather than what we had come to know and expect from a trip to France!

We had booked to stay in a beautiful little Gite in Lower Normady, a location we had chosen both because of travel time and as a new area to explore. There were certainly many beautiful locations including the Medieval town of Domfront which boasts castle ruins and an old railway track which is now a pathway perfect for walkies.


One of our favourite days out was a pilgrimage to possibly one of the most famous of the D-Day landing beaches, Sword Beach just outside Ouistream. It felt the right thing to do, being in the area, to pay our respects to those who had landed there 74 years ago almost to the day. In addition to visiting the striking memorial, it allowed Lucy the freedom to let off some steam and have a splash in the sea to cool off. There was an unusual atmosphere at the beach: some families were picnicing; couples walked hand in hand and dogs splashed in the cool waters, chasing waves, yet there was always that knowledge in the back of your mind about brave soldiers losing their lives on this very stretch of sand. A sobering thought. 


On our return to England, we had another welcome stay at St Margaret's At Cliff just outside Dover. Lucy enjoyed our walk a-top of the White Cliffs, and Mr C & I enjoyed a cream tea with a spectacular view across The Chanel to where we had been holidaying. After a quick frolic in a truly picturesque poppy field, it was time to hit the road again and return to Manchester. All in all, it was a very enjoyable trip and we would highly recommend taking dogs to France using the tunnel. Now, where is my diary; I need to plan our next trip!

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